Minnebar2019 presentation

Minnebar 2019

  Session slides.

idea person bulb

Idea Costume

  Idea Costume https://youtu.be/as3HVhoIqFU      



Designed BLE sensors and WiFi and LoRa gateways based on Nordic nRF51822 BLE modules and HopeRF’s RFM95W LoRa radios.  All wireless data presented as MQTT messages to a central broker, with integration into InfluxDB and Grafana for dashboards.  Features include Distributed WiFi and LoRa gateway architecture BLE-LoRa bridging BLE beacon replay/spoof detection Geolocation of BLE beacons […]


IoTFuse 2018

Speaker at IoTFuse 2018 Conference in Minneapolis.  Presented platform focused approach to BLE and LoRa device integration using the LoRa-Tooth project. Slides  


BLE Gateway, Node-RED, and ESP8266

This project utilizes a BLE-MQTT gateway to collect bluetooth sensor data and pipe it to perform actions on a wifi connected ESP8266 gingerbread house, as well as utilize Node-RED for additional connectivity (text messages, tweets).  The code can be found on my Github.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QengjRO6EM     System Diagram   (Inputs) BLE Sensor This is […]


Mailbox Notifier

This smart mailbox sensor prototype was contract work for a client. Explored sensor options and demonstrated feasibility Circuit design for initial prototype Firmware development Webapp prototype The logo, image, and video below are copyright of George Gruber.            PDF Brochure  


IoT Hack Day 2016

I created a BLE-MQTT bridge for the Hackday project, and my team showed a fun example of how it can be used for home automation.  The BLE sensors used Silicon Labs BGM111 to sense when windows and doors are opened.  The module controlling the mini house was an ESP8266 connected via MQTT.  Jake Scearcy built […]

IoTFuse 2016 presentation

IoTFuse 2016

Speaker at IoTFuse 2016 Conference in Minneapolis.  Presented live demos of Bluetooth pregnancy test and connected kitchen scale.

Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

Created a functional Bluetooth LE pregnancy test that shares test results on social media.  Here’s the project blog.              

IoTHackday 2015

IoT Hack Day 2015

Captained a team for the Twin Cities IoTHackday 2015.  We added wireless connectivity to a toddler toy to make it more educational, fun, and functional.  Our project placed 2nd in the competition. The electronics and wireless communication used Light Blue Bean and Photon.  We used Node-RED for the Bluetooth communications.  The backend game logic was […]

Physical Home Automation Interface

Physical Home Automation Interface

Created a more intuitive smart home interface using MQTT and a bit of hacking on a commercial Wink hub using zigbee sensors.  Full details here.  Featured on Hackaday.              


Uber Home Automation

Created a wireless-to-MQTT gateway for HopeRF’s 915MHz wireless modules.  Made wireless sensor nodes that integrate into an awesome open source IoT platform called OpenHAB.  This project has been featured on Hackaday, Makezine, Life Hacker, and Dangerous Prototypes. Washer/Dryer Notifier, with water leak sensor Dog Bark Notifier Mailbox Notifier Dog Tracker Full details on build and […]

IoTHackday 2014 Presentationb

IoT Hack Day 2014

Started team “Fido Tracker” for the 2014 IoTHackDay in Minnesota.  We prototyped a dog tracker that alarms the house when the dog leaves the yard, using ISM band transceivers and GPS.  Details here.            

wink hub integration

Wink Hub Integration for Zigbee, Z-wave, Lutron

Integrate a rooted wink hub into OpenHAB using PHP exploit.  This method enables full local control of zigbee and z-wave devices and bypasses the requirement to go through the Wink server.  Full details here.  Featured on Hackaday.        

Garage Genie

Garage Genie

Integrated remote garage door monitoring and operation into OpenHAB, as well as car presence detection.  Details are here.    

Mouse Trap

Wi-Fi Mouse Trap

Created a wifi connected mouse trap.  Notifies users when a mouse is captured, and optionally closes mouse trap door.  Full build details here.      


IoTFuse 2015

Speaker at the 2015 IoTFuse Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Presented live demos of DIY connected home devices, MQTT, and discussed the impact of open source on connected products.  Here are the slides for “Home Automation of Things” talk.